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Q. Why should I use Becker Consulting?FAQ Icon

A. I provide an honest, professional, friendly and reliable service to my clients.  I have real world experience and knowledge to get you going again.

Q. Do I have to disconnect my PC and bring it to you?

A. No, I can come to your home at your convenience. I will always attempt to fix your PC there and then, however there are times when I may need to bring it back to our office for further diagnostics or repair.


Q. Can I bring my computer to you?

 A. Yes you can if we arrange it when I am at the shop.


 Q. If you need to take my laptop or computer back to the office, do I need to supply anything with it?

 A. If your computer is a desktop, the only thing I will require is the base unit. If it is a laptop, I will need the power lead and the charger. It is always advisable to supply any CDs or DVDs that either came with the PC, or were bought as part of the installation process.


 Q. How long will it take to repair my PC?

 A. Some problems can be solved during the day, other problems can take longer, particularly if parts are also required. I will always give you an estimate as to how long the repair is expected to take. I will also contact you to keep you up to date on the current state of the repair.


Q. What payments do you take?

 A. I currently accept cash, checks and PayPal. Payment is required upon satisfactory completion of the work or may be negotiated.


 Q. Do you have a call out charge?

 A. There is no call out charge for customers who live within a five mile radius. Anyone living outside this area will be charged a nominal fee of $5 to help cover travelling expenses.


 Q. Do you guarantee your work?

 A. Yes, I warranty my work.  All new components supplied come with full 12 month parts and labour warranty unless otherwise stated before the repair. The only service which is not supplied with a warranty is Malware removal.


Q. If the repair takes less than an hour, will I have to pay for the full hour?

 A. Yes, but I will offer to help you with any other issues you may be having, or just give your computer a quick check over.


 Q. What happens if you cannot fix the computer? Will I still have to pay?

 A. No, you will not be charged if I cannot fix your PC. A diagnostic fee will however be charged if I am able to fix it, but you decide not to go ahead with the repair. The diagnostic fee equates to one hours’ work. Call out fees will still apply if you live outside the five mile radius.

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